Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Junker Jane style bows

I am kinda excited about these two "bows" I made completely from recycled stuff. I am thinking they could be used on a gift bag instead of a traditional boring bow. OR just to hang. I am in love with them because they are funky shabby elegant. Hee. The pirate patch is drawn on with a fade proof/waterproof ink pen and the rosy cheeks are thanks to a sweet pink Crayola crayon. This is the kind of funky mix I really like to create with! I like the idea of graffiti on clothing, too.I am still working on the backs. I can't wait to package these up! I love to create packaging for my items also.
I'm out of camera batteries! Damn, so I am short on pics even though I created three wee paintings yesterday! I am soooo excited sbout those too, but they will have to wait till later because I can't go out to get those darned batteries!!
Anyway, my brain is on overload and so are my nerves(kids) hahaha. I will try to get it all out in product form, though.

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