Thursday, May 29, 2008

New creations and some of my packaging.

I REALLY need to work on organization because I really can do a good display, haha.
Display makes a huge difference.

I used to have so much "stuff" but each time I moved I got rid of a lot.....DUMB. I don't think downsizing is good for everyone, nope NO WAY. Packrats should stick to what they know best. :)


Sammyb said...

I love your packaging! What a great idea! And your softies are great too!


Thanks, SammyB :)

~Barb~ said...

Because I love your plushies and your artwork in general, I decided to start at the very beginning of your blog and read forward to today (1/22/11) and thought I'd stop and leave a comment so you'd know I was here and what I was doing.

I have been wanting to venture into sewing plushies for quite some time and you inspire me. I don't ever want you to think I am copying you but, instead, that I love your work and am inspired by it to find my own voice in this medium. I wonder, do you have any advice?

I do know that my color choices are much different than yours (I tend to be very loud and bold, color-wise, where you are more understated) so that is one way I know that our differences will show. Not to mention that I am a complete novice and mine will NEVER look as fabulous as yours!

Anyway, just dropping in and saying hi. Love the packaging and the one with mouse ears is too cute. I always love them all, though. ;-)

Peace & Love,