Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monster Beatrice

Beatrice likes a proper tea, beatles under rocks, and the view from her cherry tree. Like any monster girl Beatrice likes black licorice.

Beatrice is what I am going to call the official JunkerJane Ragdoll. The Official ragdoll being 'monster', of course. Expect to see many of Beatrice's relatives soon.

Beatrice is made partly new fabric. I had bought some new fabric months ago before deciding to go full recycle. Hmm, I can see this being a problem with my rag dolls, maybe...I think I maybe I will have a new fabric section. It's really hard when you are inspired by many things to limit yourself, ya know. On the other hand claiming to be completely recycled is something. Not just because it's a good thing but because it's a challenge. Either way I will always list whether or not new or recycled fabric is used.

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