Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pillow Find

The day before yesterday I was looking through my fabric to sew something up and I found this applique I must have made a couple of months ago!! I was thinking when in the hell did I make this?! I still can't exactly remember when, :D So I finished it up as a pillow. I think the colors are fun and bright. It is made mainly with new fabric.
Then yesterday I went into the basement looking through my unpacked boxes for some sort of crate or wooden box I could use in a display and I ended up finding older art stuff. It was great to rediscover stuff I made like collages, paintings on found wood bocks, doodles, et! It was a mini Christmas! :D I think I will post some of my earlier inspiration. Later. Later after my 3 cups of coffee.
And it's still cloudy and raining! :D It feels like Fall. I don't mind it at all, it's a nice change.
My daughter's first soccer practice tonight! :D It's her first ever sport! I am nervous, I hope she likes it, I hope she isn't too shy, blah blah. A mom can worry a whole bunch :D


sMacThoughts said...

Isn't it wonderful to go back and find old art and realize, hey, this was pretty good, I feel inspired by this! The pillow is wonderful. Good luck to your daughter's soccer season!


Thanks :)
She had a good time at soccer, which is a relief!