Monday, September 15, 2008

September is...

still an adjustment month. Man! I have not been able to get into any groove or flow....YET. October should be better. I mean by then I will used to the pace. I had to take a "nap" today!! I mean it was the only kinda nap mudders are allowed to take, with one eye open.
I like all my drab little dudes, but I think I need to make summore colorful characters, ya know, the happy little ones that make you wanna smile. It's just that I look at my piles of fabric and then the TV and I think, damn that couch and TV are lookin' mighty fine. :D Then I sit for a couple of hours channel flipping cause I can't help myself.
Be gone.


sMacThoughts said...

the drab ones need you to bring them to life (so that they can be 'found' by someone who will love them) just as much as the colorful ones. Business is slow, so don't second-guess your work.


:) Thanks for the nice words.

I think I am just all around in the dumps lately.


LuLu said...

Bonjour Jane! Don't worry about not being able to get back in the grove. I think you are not alone ... When school starts, I am full of good intentions then, it seems I enter an elevator and go down one floor. Hump! Down one floor and the door will not open! Take it easy, keep on the grrrrreat work and remember full moon around is always a big energy and humor sucker. LOVE YOUR CREATURES, JANE! Thanks for the great comments the other day! I think I'm gonna get myself one of your little babies soon! Have a super week ! LuLu


Thank you Lulu :)
Your words helped too. I think I need to go with the flow and not try to fight it so much.
Full moon yeah! Today was my volunteer day at my daughter's preschool and let me tell you, something was up! :D The moods, the extra energy...:D