Friday, November 7, 2008

Monster Tabitha

Monster Tabitha lives in a room of peeling rose chintz wallpaper. At night her little lamp glows and it's the most charming sight indeed.

This little story of hers makes me want to buy bits of vintage wallpaper to make her a shoebox house :D

I used to own so many wonderful little junk bits . Jewelery parts, paper, rusty doodads, pretty ribbons. Everything to adorn such a little box house. But as we moved I kept getting rid of them. I told myself it would be good to not have so much junk.....yeah, whatever! Now I wish I still had all of my old crap!



sMacThoughts said...

She is just wonderful!!

LuLu said...

Bonjour Jane! ALL your new Christmas candy-colored creatures are adorable, devious and charming! LOVE THEM ALL! I know what you mean about regretting getting rid of bits and pieces... I wish I had a small house just to keep my unthrowable stuff... Imagine, my husband and my son are just the same !!! Have a great weekend! LuLu