Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Haunted Christmas

This what you get when you give the camera to one of the kids and do the driveby christmas lights thing :)
I like em!
Oh!! What to get the kids???? For Christmas? I mean they never really play with the toys they ask for or get. When they do it isn't as the toy is intended! It's always a joke to get the kids cardboard boxes and it's the truth! I went online to look for some cardboard houses, ya know? And it pisses me off that they want 80 some odd bucks for a cardborad house! Come on. It's cardboard, dammit. It's a plain cutout. I can see spending 25.oo on a cardboard house but this business about 80 bucks just makes me so mad! The nerve. Anyway, I had to let that out.


Ronnie said...

Lots and lots of play dough. They'll sit in their homemade cardboard house and squish play dough for hours.
Then all they need is a little food and water passed through the door.
Great photos! lol.


haha Ronnie, that is soooooo funny :D