Friday, January 2, 2009

Little guys

I really need to create more monsters. I mean the kind that I have sketched. I've been lazy in the creation dept. but I have a cleaner house :D
I've never taken my Christmas tree down on New Years usually hangs around for a couple weeks into January. But I got it out and it feels better. It made look at my walls differently and I can see all kinds of funky outsider art on them. I need to start painting.
We got some snow last night O__O.....I went to sleep while it was pouring down heavy rain and this morning my daughter yells, mom, there's snow!! I didn't believe her because they are always joking like that and there it was. All I care about is that they pick up the trash and recycled stuff today! We have 2 weeks worth of trash because they skipped last week....come on Portland! My trash is out there waiting still.


sMacThoughts said...

Fun! I love snow. To a wonderfully creative new year!


Same to you Susan! :)