Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm so mad at myself!! I had this funky idea to sew on this paperback book cover face to a voodoo doll and I done screwed it up! I was so excited that I didn't think about when I'd have to turn it inside out! Sunnuvabee. Of course it got all wrinkly! Next time I'll affix it after the doll is sewn up right side out! Dammit. But she still looks fun and she'll hang around as inspiration for more as soon as I can scout summore faces :)
One of the shows my daughter watches says when you're mad count to ten..... one, two, three......blah blah blah.


Ronnie said...

Hey! I like her beat up self. Been to hell and back look.
Is this Katie Couric?
It gets curiouser and curiouser here!
You're a real funny girl.
I love this idea!!!!

Ronnie said...

Just looking close up. Have you ever run cloth through the printer ironed to freezer paper? Works like a charm. Then yer face wouldn't bend.
But I like the paper!

Stefanie Beyeler said...

Those wrinkles just add character!

Ronnie said...

Mein Freund hat sich diese zwei Hübschen von JunkerJane gekauft und nun liebe ich ihn noch viel mehr! Hier gibt es noch mehr davon!
HEY! YOU are international! Love Stephanie's pics!


Thanks guys!
Yeah her beat up self has a charm, but still. I was set on it being one way :D Oh well, she's part of the family now, haha

I have never used my printer for anything but printing up reciepts!! I may try it for something other someday but I am slow to getting new things going when i have long lists already, lol


OH! and I cut it out of a vintagey romance novel. My mom says I have to stop detroying books...I may just, too because my conscience if getting to me now :D

sMacThoughts said...

Gah! I love it!