Sunday, March 1, 2009

I said...

screw it! And ate a grilled cheese. I'm gonna wait till they (docs) tell me what to do, I'm starving over here :D
Some new monsters. Monster Ingrid, Monster Olivia and Monster Roderick.
Monster Ingrid always crying wolf. She got a kick out of it. Well you know how that story goes so... it's no suprise that one day when Monster Ingrid was really really trapped by the cat that no one came. Oh don't worry, she got out eventually but only after sweating bullets.
Monster Olivia was in the dark closet playing around in the roomy pockets of the coats when she heard the closet doorknob turn...
Like most monsters, Monster Olivia lived in a house of humans. Mostly undetected. So it's always as much a shock to the monster when too close a call happens.

Monster Roderick waited till he heard his mom and dad snore before he crept out of bed and slipped through the wall into the human quarters. He had known for some time that on Friday nights they fell asleep on the couch while watching TV leaving popcorn and candybars all over the place.


Ronnie said...

You absolutely amaze me! Taking this small package (the monster) and creating him (or her) over and over with newness and freshness each time.
Simply fascinating!!! AND fun to watch!!!
I sent your fabric scraps on Friday AM priority mail. I hope you have big fun with them.
Take care of yourself! I hope the grilled cheese went down good.


Hey Ronnie! Thanks for the good words :) And the fabric, wow! Thanks so much, I'm so excited :D Who doesn't love mail??

suze said...

These little guys are really cute. And now I know where I can send my next batch of fabric scraps.


LOl suze, anytime! I didn't name myself Junker for nuthin! :D