Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tomorrow and Obscure Hollow

It was an inside day here, rain and kids not so swell. I have things for tomorrow because I had time to sew.

I got this pic from Obscure Hollow :D Really, if you love old scary movies you really should go there.


Ronnie said...

Most interesting. I'd go there. Have you seen the new Coraline movie? Anxious to see your new rainy day things. Love the lux look of the latest pirate. The donut shop was a hoot. Had me zooming all the details.
Sending good vibes to the kidlettes and to their mom of course.


Hey Ronnie :)
I have NOT seen Coraline yet, dammit! I must in 3D....I need to plan it for the end of the week or sooner. Have you?

When I first walked in to that doghnut place I was actually creeped out, it was a vibe. lol, but that vibe was missing this time. I'm sure it was just me!

Thanks for the good vibes!