Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dangerous Hair

This is Appoline.
Monster Appoline feigned the sniffles so she could stay home alone. With everyone out of the house she could finally try to get into the locked door on the third floor.
It had always been off limits but until her 9th birthday she hadn't given it any thought.

I didn't really grow up :D And...

Would someone stop me from reading my horoscope!!!?? It's a really bad habit lately. I don't even believe it!

I made an Alice in Wonderland doll, but I think by mentioning it before I actually finished it jinxed it. One of the eyes is not cooperating. She will have to live here with me because of it. I'll show you later.


roving eye said...

I love your monsters . . . I first saw them on flickr and they reminded me of The Dangerous Alphabet by Neil Gaiman and Gris Gimly. I would love to read a story book staring your characters.

yoborobo said...

Wayda minute - I need to see Alice!!! :) And all my horoscopes say the same thing "You are entering a very creative period - but DON'T enjoy it - be worried and neurotic!" I do my best to cooperate. :)

And I'm with Roving - where's the book?


Thanks guys!! A book, maybe someday, it's a good idea huh?? Yeah I really should focus on working on something like that, it would be so fun :)
I LOVE Gris Grimly, I only discovered him a couple of months ago.
Lol at the horoscope!! :D

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Ugh- horoscopes. I used to believe it, but then after a while I decided that the times it was actually right were so few and far between that it was just a lucky guess. I don't believe in them now, I think it's a persons upbringing and the way they deal with life that's more a factor. Complete charts are really all you can get worthwhile information from.