Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who invented messy kids who need to eat, too?

Okay so I came back and had a doctor's appointment to check to see if I really have asthma. Over a couple a months ago I started getting this closed throat thing and difficulty breathing. It was scary. After several visits and allergy medications and an inhaler they are still trying to get down to some final answer. Anyway the funny thing is that when I went to visit my parents 4 hours away my problems started to go away. I am suspecting it's the house. Molds or something that is making me feel like shit to tell you the truth :D We'll have to get the house checked out I guess. Overall I want all this to be done with because I haven't felt healthy in so long.
Besides that I am so behind keeping the house together that it's crazy and so I am trying to get things back to a normal. I will have to fit monsters in somewhere!! I have ideas, man! But I've neglected my household duties for so long that i really need to get it under control.
I will find a way though to make those monsters, I always yak yak a big plan and then do the opposite :D
This is the only pic I have to show you. It was on the way back home from my appointment. I forget what the food place was called.


yoborobo said...

I hope you feel better! I found out I am allergic to the East coast. LOL - seriously I grew up in CA - no allergies, move here - I've got them coming out my ears. Not literally, of course, that would be gross.

Ronnie said...

Love the shit word and then :D
You are a specimen. And hardly a slacker. Housework is always haunting us types. Can't do everything. Get your house air checked for sure.
Try to keep the stress levels down. I know I know but That could be a factor too. I have a fire extinguisher pointed at my head. I'm one to talk.

Sandy Mastroni said...

Oh Junker Jane
I feel bad that you feel bad .
I will pray for you ... pray that you will find the answer


Lol Yobo :D

Ronnie, I have more of a potty mouth than I let on :D

Sandy, thanks :) It's more of a pain then I am in misery.

Anonymous said...

hello. not sure where you live, but check out the trees too. i like in oklahoma and cottonwood trees just make me go haywire. big hug, deborah


Thanks Deborahmarie :)
We will see if they send me to a allergy specialist next... allergies sure do suck, lol, I've never had one before and the crazy thing is it can be anything. How's that for frustrating??