Tuesday, May 12, 2009


...was making monsters last night and I saw this pile of pink wool felt I had bought for rosy cheeks. But somehow the cheeks haven't worked out lately so I thought pink hair! A snow cone pile of pink hair! Yeah! So I made this monster head and hair and then I thought I just couldn't add on skinny legs again and I had this spider sketch handy, so I added spider legs which can be interpreted as sea thingies, He-man arms...I dunno. I love her funky repulsive allure, but next time I will make her truly girly and not so monsterish :D Just cuz that was the orginal vision, haha.
That X isn't a bow, but it looks like one. It's a pirate touch.
So meet Jacinta,he she wrestler prison matron...a helluva girl.


julie Haymaker thompson said...

OMG she is Fab!!!! Hope you got into the shops And did not have to settle for window shopping alone as they look like yummy shops to meander through. Julie


Nope everything was closed, but I'll go back....not with the chillins though :D