Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I love Hippie Buses

To give you a laugh or make you feel better I had to look up the plural of bus. It just didn't look right....buses...it still doesn't but I am just a follower, kinda.
Anyway, I have spotted sooo many great hippie buses but only just recently started photographing them. This is one happy vehicle. Spotted on Alberta Street.

The best Hippie Bus I ever did see was in Grants Pass Oregon. It was.... painted in earth tones and the people from it were so unreal. They looked like a combination of Renaissance times and the Hobbit. I am serious. There was nothing costumey about them. I don't mean to be jokey in any way. I had no camera back then and not the guts either to approach them. I still kick myself for not going up to them to say hello and tell them what magic they were to me.


yoborobo said...

I miss seeing hippie buses!
Once, when I was in Amsterdam, I saw this entire family that was dressed like...well, kinda like aliens - all in white and silver. The weird thing was how NORMAL it seemed to them. :)


Wow Yobo, that sounds amazing! Wish I coulda seen it!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

I love hippy buses too! I've never owned one (don't drive) but we've always had at least one in the tribe. They're getting rare now, we only have one left- painted purple and blue inside, the windows covered with stained glass stickers, the dashboard filled with bones and stones and sticks and leaves and seedpods and Indian statues, the entire back is a giant bed of embroidery and mirrorwork. The back window has a spiderweb made of wool and there are stickers all over the back door. It belongs to my best friend and I love it. Love her too!