Monday, May 4, 2009


My shop has never been so empty!! 1 item! Yay for all the sales! I am so thankful people out there want my monsts :) The reason I haven't restocked it is because I am working on some side project that I need to focus on. If I try to half ass it I would never have started it. So I had to put all the sewing stuff away and put it out of thought and mind and focus on this thing. In a few days I should start sewing again.
Last night I started watching Sweeney, there is a lot of singing huh? I mean I love musicals, some of my favorite movies are musicals. And I love Tim Burton even more, but man, I think there was TOO MUCH singing....not enough talk. And all of the tunes had the same, um, tune. But Helena was a scary looker and all of the dark interiors were super and Signor whatshisname had a kick ass wagon.


Little Brown Sparrow said...

Your review was about the same as mine! Way too much singing- my mum is in regional theatre and I have seen far too many musicals, most of them with much more talking than Sweeny!

Sasha Baron Cohen stole the whole show, but I do agree that Helena looked fabulous and the interiors were divine.

I love Tim sooo much, but the last thing I loved enough to see again was Big Fish... D: Corpse Bride was boring, Wonka was alright but Depp was rather creepy. I am so very worried that Tim is losing me!! I fear for Alice.


I didn't see Bigfish...Corpse Bride had it's dull moments you are right but when that happens I start looking at the art direction :D
Wonka was good but I only thought so after a few weeks, I am a diehard Gene Wilder original Wonka fan :D Seriously. That factory was fun and colorful and made you want to eat the candy! I appreciated Tim Burtons version though, but I swear everytime I looked at Depp with those big fly eye glasses I almost peed in my pants :D
I think Alice will be okay no matter, but brilliant is another story :)