Thursday, May 7, 2009

Total D.I.Y

Like I said, It's funky and JUNKY :D But FUN :D

I made an inspiration board out of cardboard. Taped it together, painted it and then sealed it. It's all cardboard and I am not picky about what I use to make things stay put. I like tape, staples, needles....anything. Somehow I always feel like I need to make excuses or try to make people understand. I hate it. :D
A name like JunkerJane should say it all.


Little Brown Sparrow said...

Well done! The Make Do and Mend is strong in you, young Jedi.

I really like the ragged bit of tuft above the monster skin. Brown and shredded- my perfect combo!

denise said...'s why we show up. no explaining needed. tough crap to those that don't get it!

ps: cardboard is a wonderful thing --great board!


Lol Sparrow :D
Thanks a bunch!!

denise, hehe, Thanks!!

Heather Louise said...

this frame seriously blows my mind!


Heather, thanks man...I mean ma'am :D