Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spider Eater

That'd be Tabitha.


monstermaker said...

that's great!i hate spiders..a spider bit me when i was six..

jackieb said...

these are soooo cute. They have their own little personality.

Sandy Mastroni said...

I hope you include 'Spider Eater'
in the title
Tabitha the spider eater
It reminds me of Wednesday Adams .

monstermaker said...

junker jane, i think you already have a monster named "tabitha"..


monstermaker.....yeah, I name repeat sometimes because.....they whisper their names to me and I can't go against that!! :D
I actually wrote about me name repeating but just like there isn't one of anything name in the world....i just gotta go with the flow :)

monstermaker said...

well, it's nice to repeat names...especially GOOD ones!!!i also like the name tabitha!!!and your monsters might get angry if you go against them..:]