Tuesday, October 6, 2009

3rd Eye Open

My flickr friend, 3rd eye open, helped me with my new blog banner. He used a photo I took and gave it a yummy charcoal look for the Halloween season! I just LOVE it! He has a Flickr account with a variety of work! Go check out his link by clicking on the title :)

Thanks 3rd eye!!!!!!


Hillbilly said...

Looks awesome. And thanks for his link!

Lynn said...

The new banner is great!
3rd Eye Open does fantastic work, the High on the Hog photo speaks to me =)

suze said...

The fifth photo looks like Barnabas Collins (from Dark Shadows) I like your new banner,but I can't look at the spiders!!!!

yoborobo said...

love the new banner - go 3rd Eye! And I remember being scared to DEATH watching the Exorcist!:)