Monday, October 19, 2009

Devil Betty

Ahh, Halloween is 11 days away! I hope it doesn't rain. It hasn't the last two years so I am hoping it will continue *crosses fingers*.

Devil Betty is my wig head that I adore..... the kids both have a pair of light-up devil horns and so I took Betty down to the dark basement for a portrait!

I haven't been writing too much here. I find it hard to think of things to say. I've never been a "big" writer anyway. I guess if you ever have any questions, go for it and ask :D

I love blogs writers that show their homes....but my home isn't really "put together" that can be zapped, haha.

Sometimes I refrain from talking so much because it most likey will turn into a complaint of some kind and who needs a whiner?

I don't have time to read....:(...not really....

I watch movies but most times I just wanna say, "Oh it was sooooooooooo good...." What kinda review is that to even bring it up anyway?? :D

So....that's that unless YOU have something to spark a convo :D


Lynn said...

Creepy Photo, love the light up devil horns.
And to the rest of this post...I can relate. Heh, I guess I don't have a convo spark either...maybe next time =)

Gillian said...

I have just found your blog through your Etsy site (I bought Alain and BeBe). Really, your blog is fine. I like it! Who needs blather? If you have something to say DO, if you don't then well...uh DON'T. The little stories you post with your creations are great. : )

Lynn said...

I also just wanted to add, that I like your blog, it's just great as is.

Sleepy King said...

thats funny because I am exactly the same way. not a big talker at all. but i agree with gillian.. your blog posts are very interesting and i personally.. i get sick of seeing peoples fancy shmancy houses and all the similar blogs out there. you are unique! :D


:D Thanks guys!
You are kind....I suppose it is smart to not try to talk just to talk, hahahaha!

Heather said...

OMG, I Love your plushies!! And your blog header!!!!

Swing by my Fanciful Twist Halloween Party!

Please stop by my party and giveaway!

Georgina said...

I like your blog just fine. I figure when ya got something to say, you'll say it!!!

oldblackcatboo said...

I LOVE your blog! Even if I don't leave a comment every time! I have a morning routine. Get up, let the dogs out, let the dogs in, take a bath, slam on a little make-up, grab a cup of coffee and sit down at the computer. First I check my email, then I go to JUNKER JANE! It usually makes me laugh or smile or at the very least makes me shake my head awake before I head off to my DAY job.
I agree with the others, I like it the way you do it and if you want to talk, talk but alot of times your photos say so much more! You're Great! Thanks for being an original.