Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Princess and The Frog and New Orleans and Voodoo

First off, I sewed NUTTIN'.

We saw The Princess and the Frog. I loved it. Yeah yeah it was set in New Orleans, but it was sooooooooo romantic and funny, too :D

After the movie I asked the kids, "Did you guys love all the Voodoo or was it just me?"

Bella (7) answered, " It was just you."

Bianca (5) started to ask during the movie when it would be over so I knew she was bored. But I asked what was your fave part? Did you have ANY fave part?

She gave me the no-look stare and made the ZERO symbol with her fingers.

STILL. It was funny and I loved it and Bella enjoyed it, too :D


Rot said...

Your kids are kinda awesome : )

oldblackcatboo said...

First of all, I kinda like that you got nuttin' done(sorry!) but you always accomplish so much that I feel like I'm in slow-mo! LOL!
Second, New Orleans and Voodoo! NOW I want to see it too! I usually steer clear of kids movies because they always make me cry! If they don't kill off the Mom, then they strand a dog off someplace or they make the cats seem mean or... I mean, they are so emotionally draining! Like that Narnia movie!- OMG! I couldn't get the poor lion out of my head for days!!! So! Is it safe for me to watch? (Or sound I stick with the CSI type of stuff that never gets to me! HA! HA!)

Georgina said...

I love kid's candid. Don't ya wish adults could be equally as truthful, especially our elected officials....making a big 0 with my finger!!! LOL Wish my grandsons were around so I can enjoy taking them to a movie. Last year I took them to see that Night in the Museum, the second one...we had a ball!!! Have a great creative week.


Anonymous said...

Your kids rock, probably a gene pool thing. I love hearing stories about them. Hope that the stitchin' happens for you today!


Rot, hahaha thanks :D

oldblackcat, you are SO FUNNY :D
well there is a cute little to dunno...

Georgina, there would be more fist fights then I think :D

Thanks settlerspeace :) :) :)

suze said...

I want to hang out with your girls!