Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Want Need Must Have

These are on my birthday list :D
I don't ever mention my birthday, but as I will be turning.....39....gawd....this January....I have because I may need some moral support, hahaha....

anyway looky at that antlered creature that I want on my wall to "dress up"?! Look!!!!

And I swear, if I don't get a mask like this soon... :D


yoborobo said...

Oh, junker, cheer up! I'm old enough to be your mother! But just barely.:)

Lynn said...

OoOoOoOo a Jackalope! Good thing I live too far away to run away with it. =)
Happy almost Birthday

Gillian said...

Well, consider the alternative to getting older.

NOT getting older which would mean you are .... starts and ends with a D .... yes, dudded. Dudded in the longevity department.

Every birthday you get is a good one! Cheerful huh?

I believe that if you don't get what you want on your birthday you are perfectly entitled to go get it yourself.

We deserve it after all yeah? Yeah.

Happy birthday!

oldblackcatboo said...

Happy Birthday whenever it is!
39 is nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's next year that's gonna kill ya! LOL!
No, seriously...been there, done that and it just gets better! I'm way older than 39! and I'm totally fine and feel good about it!
Well, except that I HAVE to color my hair now rather than just WANT to. And NOW I look OVER my glasses to see and sometimes my KNEE hurts and I had to be stopped from STRANGLING a girl who didn't know who Mick Jagger was and it's kinda shocking to see actresses my age looking so old and playing grandmothers! But hey,it's all good! Thank god fifty is the new 30! So that makes you a teenager...kinda LOL!
Am I helping or what, hey at least you're younger than me! -(You lucky little whippersnapper!)

Sonia ;) said...

Ha Ha...I would want them awesome and Im 41...Ya 40 was rough but I LOVED my thirties. Ha Ha I started reading MORE mag when I was 39 to prepare for didnt work..ha ha...all it did was make me say damn meg ryan looks better than me and she is like 49.

It will all be good...but the picks rock.


Ronnie said...

Don't take any chances. Go NOW to that store and get the Jackalope.
Wrap it up like the dream gift you've always wanted, then open it up with surprise and drama and absolute joy in front of your family and friends!
What wisdom your followers offer, JJ. You better tell us when your birthday is!

suze said...

You are so darn funny! BTW 39 is a piece of cake. I didn't start to fall apart until I turned 57, except for the kidney transplant back in 05. You will be fine, just keep on cranking out those cute moldy monsters...they will keep you young!


:D Thanks for all the comments! You guys made me laugh!!!!