Wednesday, February 17, 2010



Rot said...

: )

When I doodled as a kid, my cheap father would yell at us if we only used one side of the paper. Then he started to bring home scrap paper from work...WITH LINES and PRINTING on old invoices and whatnot... He'd tell us to doodle on THAT stuff and not WASTE "good" paper.

My father = taking the joy out of doodling.

yoborobo said...

junker - I love the title of this blog post. It made me laugh - and you are right, doodling is important stuff. :)

Diane Duda said...

You ain't just whistlin' dixie, lady! :)
(in other words, I concur)

Georgina said...

Very cute!

suze said...

I cannot talk on the phone without doodling. Mostly flowers and faces.

moongipsies said...

very true.. and very adorable...♥

JUNKER JANE said... that sucks! Luckily my dad is an artist and my mom didn't care if I made a mess :D

yobo, I just love those to say :D

Diane, hahahaha :D

Thanks Georgina :)

suze :) Sometimes I even stop housework to doodle...terrible I know...:D

Thanks moon! :)

oldblackcatboo said...

I'm right along with Rot! My Dad would tell me not to waste paper too! So I was always erasing everything!(I could go on and on but...)
I've heard there was a "study" done and they found that people who doodle during meetings etc. retained more info than people who didn't. (I have no idea about how much info the people who keep looking at my pad retain! LOL!)