Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Junker Jane Voodoo Doll

Oh, it's been forever since I made a voodoo!

Amarante is the french form of the flower name Amarantha meaning unfading.

I'll be posting those buttons to Etsy soon :)


oldblackcatboo said...

I love the Voodoo! MY Junker Jane Voodoo doll has the perfect spot in my home! At an estate sale (in the basement of course) I found this little dark brown "house". It has cubby holes and a roof on the top but it's flat and hangs on a wall (hard to explain) and if you wind the key in the back, it plays this strange music! So MY Voodoo is sitting in one of the cubbyholes. And this is in my very eclectic kitchen....anyway, thought maybe I'd share that.


omgawd.....with music!!! Jeezers oldblack, that's an IDEAL voodoo house!!!! I am so glad you shared :)