Monday, March 8, 2010

Wip Ragdolls

I left that blank space above the dolls to scribble....but just couldn't bring myself to mess up the clean space.
Today is Monday? Man, it could be any day of the week for all I can tell. Some days are like that.
This crazy cold came in this evening and it "snowed' for a minute. I heard it's supposed to snow more tonight or tomorrow......weirdness. I myself am waiting for summer....but it seems I am always waiting for some other weather :D


oldblackcatboo said...

Most days I feel like that too.
I wake up and think what day is this? do I work today?!
It's raining here now, I hate that more than snow... my backyard has melted down to mud and dog poop (Nice visual - Ay! tee hee)
OH! almost the red on her monster face.

nollyposh said...

i know the fEELing X:-/


Rain is worse....specially when it gets down the back of your neck.....ugh :D

nolly....totally :D