Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Mad Queen

On Etsy.

I watched Anthony Bourdain last night after ages of not seeing him ....he was in Ecuador and man...all the meals he had were these luscious seafood soups served with luscious shredded bits of onions blah blah....lime.....seafood....did I say seafood?? GAWD... I was drooling, especially since I KNOW I won't OR CAN'T cook these myself..... anyway. Love Mr. Bourdain....
It's almost summer, yeah and YEAH :)


yoborobo said...

OMG, junker! I love Anthony Bourdain, too. Besides thrift shopping - hahah. He is awesome - and the meals he eats makes me want to hide my dinners in the closet. LOL!! Of course, they kill at least one animal on every show, so I watch that part through my hands. ;) xox

suze said...


Jo James said...

Thanks for the sweet comment over on my blog :) I'm so glad you left it because it led me back to your blog and wow! Love your stuff!


yobo :D They do get gross a lot but man he cracks me UP! Thrifting is so THERAPY :D

suze....I know, I'm still drooling and wishing, lol

Jo, Thanks so much!