Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Me" and Monster Ragdoll Cybille

I like to take unself but not me.....and here is Monster Ragdoll Cybille.......I am sooooooooooo tired....I've had Inglorious Basterds for weeks from Netflix....weeks! I can't seem to find time to see it.....I am ready to hit the pillow.....


Amy said...

sounds like me, I have had Public Enemies for over a month, No time to sit and really watch it.
My husband doesn't understand why I haven't watched it yet...seriously?
Get some rest

oldblackcatboo said...

your un-portrait kinda reminds me of "shutter" a bad remake of an asian film, but had a couple of "scary" moments... get some sleep, dream of monsters, brad pitt can wait.
oh - love cybille,but of course!

Lrc said...

ooo i love your unself portrait! you look doll-like and ghostly. I had one netflix movie for so long that I couldn't bear it anymore and sent it back unseen. I hope that you get some rest and can unstress!