Sunday, April 4, 2010

OMSI and Wips

Hey! Yesterday we went to OMSI.....not to sound like a party pooper but the science thing just doesn't HOLD my attention.....I know it's amazing and all that but I just can't focus.....but the kids enjoyed it. I loved the dinosaur remains. That caught my eye, because it was sculptural. I was even inspired by the plaster , wire and burlap the bones were wrapped in. That's what I loved!
I hope everyone had a nice Easter. I have some wips I am working on tonight.
Another holiday past...almost time passes FAST when you are
OH! Speaking of which, they had this computer/age/demonstration thingy ( I am so bad with words :D) that took a picture of you and aged it so you could see what you'd look like about leaving OMSI with trauma..... don't do it....don't...


Gillian said...

What a job hey? Showing people how much they will fall to bits as they get older. I wonder how many handbags to the face that guy gets.



hahaha was just a computer....but people were standing in line watching....The horror.... :D