Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I do love me some fog

Portland this morning :):):)


oldblackcatboo said...

when I was a little kid (a zillion years ago) I saw a movie that had Doris Day walking in fog and someone was following her...it really scared me! I could NOT remember the name so I just looked it up - "Midnight Lace". I'm going to order a copy and watch it again.....
Thanks for the memory!
Oh, by the way, it came out in 1960.
a zillion years BEFORE you were born.


I love Doris Day! And I was technically born in 71 but I know I musta been reincarnated from the 60's because i love em so (the 60's that is :D)

I will try to find it and watch it....wait.....was that the movie in which she married a murderer or along those lines? was it set on the coast? if it is then i saw parts of it and it was scary good :D