Sunday, December 26, 2010

Send snow this way

oh, I am happy to be getting back to regular :)
Plus I am hoping for miracle snow so send all the wishes this way!


oldblackcatboo said...

OK! I'm shoveling it into garbage bags as soon as I get off the computer! It looks all soft and fluffy but there's a hard glaze over it so when you walk on it, your foot breaks through in a loud crunch. Do you want just big shovel fulls or do you want me to roll them into snowballs.
I'll have to overnight it!
Your mailman is going to hate you...


:):) ahhhh cindi that you really would....ahhhhh :D
Seriously I am TOTALLY sending out brainwave messages OUT THERE...positive energy thoughts.....magic, whatever! I need me some snow before school starts again!!