Wednesday, June 11, 2008

eat sleep, ragdolls

I am on this ragdoll kick now. I think I am going to make a really raggy (not so much stuffing because I like them limpy) one for me and a really cute pink one for one of my littles because she is girly. My older girl isn't into anything indie, which is too bad. It's because I didn't raise her that way, I wasn't creating all the while she was little and now I regret it. Oh well.

I'm posting a couple of photos of two of my creations that live here. Both bunnies, the darker green one is wonky but so soft and has the sweetest face. The olive one looks so fun with all of her different patterns and textures.


sMacThoughts said...

I love that green velveteen bunny! He would match the drapes in my apartment!!


The velveteen bunny is sweet but a little too wonky to sell, :), but if you want him just send me your address and I will mail him to ya! :)