Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm late but I haven't forgotten :)

I'm back.....Later than I thought so I will have to do my update tomorrow! :D But I came home and packed up all that sold while I was away. And I am so grateful for all those sales! Thanks guys!

Night night for now....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bunny Jane

Bunny Jane was picked to be one of Santa's elves in the Christmas play.

Monster Buddy and lower prices

Monster Buddy is my newest. Here's his story... "Oh crap!", thought Buddy as the bowl of Turkey stuffing he was taking a sneak taste of,fell over the edge and onto the floor.

Also, I've lowered prices in my etsy. I realize everyone is tightening their purse strings out of necessity and I still want to be able to provide cute things for Christmas. I even adjusted my shipping so if you order more than one item it is a better bargain.

Back to the sewing machine!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Print and Pattern

Print and Pattern is an awesome blog that features all kinds of...well prints and patterns from fun fun designed goods. I always come back from that blog with some kind of inspiration.

This simple white on red Christmas packaging is so cheery.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monster Melisande

I'm in love with these tall skinnies. I think I will make myself an entire family. I feel like I'm 5
The part of me that still wants a Victorian Dollhouse to furnish :D
It's raining insanely.
The kids are playing golf in the house. They can't seem to grasp the easy breezy shot. It's like they are playing baseball.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Charming Stitches

I stitched these strips and scraps of fabric onto paper. They are waiting to be framed. I am going to hunt down secondhand frames and paint them to coordinate. They were fun to make and I think I needed ttime away from plushies. Just a wee bit. I'll put them up on Etsy as soon as they are finished.

skinnies and minis

I made smaller and taller monsters. I love the littlest red and pink stripey one. I want to keep her. But I may sell her as a pair with the taller pink red stripey.
It's a great windy day here.
Has anyone ever seen the movie The Dreamers? There was mention of movie watching for the interiors over at Alicia's Posie blog and I totally do the same thing. Rewatch movies for the interiors :D Most of the movies named are the ones I watch, but I don't think anyone mentioned The Dreamers. It's a risque movie, sometimes too shocking for me, but the Paris apartment featured is soooooooo amazing. It's tattered and dreamy. The kitchen......the wallpaper....the lighting. Well the whole darned thing. It's really a dream set.
My Etsy is slow. It's a downer. I'm looking into getting my little monsters into some real shops around Portland.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


She is a wee one. Her tiny legs remind me of Christmas jammies. Do you think I am crazy for already tuning in to Christmas music?? And popping in the Nutcracker Ballet DVD for background sound?? It puts me in the mood to make cute things.
Later today I am going to start working on the Dreaming of a White Christmas look. I may have to go rent a Bing Crosby flick :D

Friday, November 7, 2008

Monster Tabitha

Monster Tabitha lives in a room of peeling rose chintz wallpaper. At night her little lamp glows and it's the most charming sight indeed.

This little story of hers makes me want to buy bits of vintage wallpaper to make her a shoebox house :D

I used to own so many wonderful little junk bits . Jewelery parts, paper, rusty doodads, pretty ribbons. Everything to adorn such a little box house. But as we moved I kept getting rid of them. I told myself it would be good to not have so much junk.....yeah, whatever! Now I wish I still had all of my old crap!


A new gang

I hardly have time to think of things to write. I pretty much just have time to sew and snap pics and get on to cleaning or playing with the kids. I will try to be a better blogger!! ahhhhhhh.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Peppermint Monsters

Peppermintstick Monsters..... This is how I thought of them.... I got way ambitious last night and was overwhelmed by all these fabrics and ended up with a real monstrosity. Like more is not more but...well I just couldn't stand to look at this craft gone wrong so I cut off the great stripey legs and then thought up the Peppermintstick Monsters!

I'm having real fun packaging these guys!

Sugarplum Monsters

New sugarplum Monsters. I am simplifying their design. Sometimes simple is better. I am using new fabric for these. Sometimes I need to work with new fabric because of my inspiration. Also I am showing how I am packaging them. I love adding a bit of pink fluff !

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fritz Sugarplum Monster

Fritz is a sugarplum monster. That's what I am calling my elven capped monsters in candy colors.

Things to come...

if I can manage to take a decent photo. :D
These are some of the little sugarplums I am working on. They don't all have stuffed heads yet, but I love the color.

Monday, November 3, 2008

New works soon

I have a whole new colorful bunch coming soon. I am inspired by Christmas now. Not just red and green, but all of the candy colors of The Nutcracker and holiday illustrated childrens books. A wonderland of color. Funny how I don't have any pics though, :D. Today I am going out hunting for fabrics and goodies.
November is going to be a hard working month, I can't believe Christmas is around the corner!!