Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall is here!

Around here things got Halloweeny on October 1st!! I couldn't resist masking our two little stone creatures out front. Ahhhh.
I finished a custom rooster today.
I am going to be a scurvy pirate for Halloween and by that I mean a drab authentic one and not a red satin stripe one :D I am doing it from scratch sorta...not sewing something from scratch by piecing it together from second hand stuff. Last year I did a Marie Antoinette that way. It looked pretty damned good, but I really need to set to work NOW because I usually panic last minute :D Even though I do the second hand route it isn't cheap, it still comes out spendy, but it's fun!


DonnaRae said...

Hi Junker Jane, Calamity Kim has a post at her site with pics of a couple of your "things" and a note sending us over to give you some love. I have no problem with it but it appears with all the little critters around you are getting a lot already. Oh well always room for more. I love your "things". The cat fish is so adorable. Can I make one for me? Love it. Donna Rae

prettywithribbons said...

This is pretty funny. Maybe I could do this to my dog for Halloween??


Donna, thanks :D And if you make one just make sure to name her Jane, hehe :D

Pretty, I dunno if he will stand for it...have you ever tried wearing a patch?? They look kickbutt but they give you a massive headache! :D