Saturday, February 21, 2009


I made these two some days ago so I decided to post them. I had an allergic reaction to something so I have to take these two allergy pills for 4 days and they totally knock me out so I am not making new things right now, and that crazy stuff is kicking in so this will be quick!
Their names are Monster Emily and Willa Girl.


Sandy Mastroni said...

monster emily I love you ... there's something about pigtails that kills me
Hope you feel better soon !
was it peanut butter ?


Thanks Sandy :) I really don't know what it is and this is what's driving me crazy! The thing is it makes my throat feel closed up some and it's scary O__O

Ronnie said...

Sandy M. sent me over to check on you. Take care and don't mess around trying to be a hero.
The blogging crap sucks during these times. I'd come over and take the urchins off your hands if I lived in a neighboring state.
I'll be back.


Ronnie, that is the sweetest thing, waaa, you are gonna make me cry!
I freak out easily so I am trying to keep my chin up. Luckily my mom is here helping.
Thanks you guys :)

Ronnie said...

Way to go Mom! Take care of the girl!
I'll be sending your box of fabric scraps today or tomorrow. And the little hardhead monster.
Kick back.