Monday, February 9, 2009

Monster Melody

Monster Melody likes to sing but her tiny monster voice is usually mistaken for the wind.


Ronnie said...

This is monster good as I have come to expect from you.
other news:
HatchMarket girl has been harassing me to get you to walk all the way here for her craft fair in May. She craves your stuff and has been silently stalking you.
I bought a box of super sculpy last week. Then I didn't know what to do with it. so, I made a monster. I'll paint it soon and show it to you.
Want to see something creepily wonderful? Look at Sandy Mistroni's latest weirdness.
Okay, go back to making monsters.


THanks Ronnie :) Sweet words and encouragment!! I'll take all I can get, lol.
Just wait till you see my new ones I will post today...I think they are funky fun :) I was doodling the other day trying to come up with some new face stitching ideas and so I like what I came up with.
It is actually snowing this morning!! Nothing that will stick but still...
About that craft fair....I would so crawl there if I could! :) I have never done a fair and they sound like such fun! Tell HatchMarketGirl thanks for love :)


OH! Ronnie, I checked out Sandy's site and I LOVE LOVE her pillows, especially the ODD one :D
I will add her to my links list :)