Tuesday, February 10, 2009


K, this is Petrova... and this is her story I made up : There was once a small vaudeville show that traveled the back roads. Such magic as costumes, grease paint and rouge pots jumbled in their trunks as the wagons traveled from place to place.
When Petrova performed her Swan vignette to the sepia-like towns, the patrons gazed enchanted, as if Petrova was a doll come to life.

Then Miss Calamity Kim commented on my Flickr and added this which is added magic!!!


Petrova collects the roses that the patrons toss at her feet and saves their petals for tea on dreary afternoons, while the caravans move on to the next town...

Thanks Calamity!

Petrova's rosy cheeks are thanks again to a pink Crayola crayon. I do so love that pink Crayola crayon :)


Sandy Mastroni said...

hey .... you have a blog ![ of course ] ha ha
I'm glad
It's nice to meet you
and I love your doll and this story ...
I'm going now to look at the rest of your blog
is it ok if I add you to my links ?

Ronnie said...

A bit of Tim Burton!