Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kids at home and Voodoo Doughnut

My little one doesn't have school today but the older one is home, not well. I'm telling you this had better be the last of the sickies for the year! Some years we get a cold once, some years it seems at least 5 times!
Anyway, there is this funky doughnut shop in Portland called Voodoo Doughnut and I took some photos of it. It's a small shop, a hole in the wall kind, downtown.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the kid isn't well, I know how that can put a kink in the day! Hope he's better soon.

I L-O-V-E your blog and creations!

I am curious about this doughnut shop. I will be attending ArtFiberFest in Portland this June, is this a must visit place?


Thanks settlerspeace,

ya know they are pretty well known here, but I am still a newbie potlander :D

They have a website..

Still, you must go, it's fun :)