Monday, April 20, 2009


I drew these a while ago but I've been thinking about making a plush of the top moth lady. But I'm already working on other stuff. Soon though.
I can't believe summer is almost here! I need a better plan than last year, lol. I need to find more cool places since our house has no central air. Man, that is rough. A lot f people don't have it but I get really cranky easy :D The kids got into the habit of going to bed so late thatI never had anytime to myself, none of that this summer, uh uh. I guess I am thinking about summer because we had a really warm day here. A nice day.
I thought I was getting a Netflix today but it didn't come. I guess I'll sew tonight.
Blah blah.


Ronnie said...

Taking a break from my (at the moment) insane life.
C! These sketches are brilliant. As are the others I've been privilege to.
These two examples would be beautiful on stationery and cards etc.
Listen! They ARE extraordinary. And unique.
I am busy. I wouldn't take the time to write this if I didn't BELIEVE this! Back to the salt mine.

Ronnie said...

Add embroidery design to that!

Sandy Mastroni said...

I love your idea .... do it !
and I know what you mean about summer > My studio gets HOT and stuffy ... it's awful
I hate it . I don't have air conditioning either .


Ah Ronnie, thanks so much for the nice words... and humor, I swear you crack me up all the time :D
I should think of embroidery patterns, that would be coooooooool :)

Sandy, thanks :)
I know, I'm thinking i will need a permanent ice pack on my forehead :D