Monday, June 1, 2009

Voodoo Kitty

Cats have always creeped me out. I am convinced they are possessed by ancient Egyptian souls! They have never seemed like a pet but instead somewhat human-ish to me. Weird I know, but hey! We all have our quirks!
No animal harm is encouraged, just a voodoo to keep those cats at maybe they won't just sit there perched on a fence, staring at you.....creeping you out!
Maybe I should keep it :D


Ronnie said...

Man, I'm with you. Good match those cats with witches. But I try to be nice to my friend's cats. They love their cats so and think I'm the evil one.
Voodoo Kitty is great. Get out those pins! Continue to have fun. Keep cool.

Anonymous said...

I am with you too! I can't stand them--too creepy. But, like Ronnie, I try to keep quiet about it. I can't even touch them. Weird.

I wish them no harm, however! Don't hate me, world...


OMG Sweet, I can't touch them either!!! Woo hoo, I have a soul mate!

monstermaker said...

that's bad...i love cats..they're actually nice..they love to go round your legs and play with you..

hey junker jane!!thanks for being my inspiration!!!i made my own monsters too but yours are much's my way of escaping stressful college life..=)


monstermaker, heehee, I'm sorry, but I just can't get comfortable around them! But I tottaly heart them in photos :D Actually, my mom got a cat some years ago and I was pretty mad because I had this phobia and I was like, mom, how could you do this??! I always avoided the cat but she did grow on me and when she passed away I felt like a family memeber had died, I was terribly I'm not too bad see? :)

And I am so happy you are making monsters! Isn't it fun?! They always come out with a personality! I'm glad it is making you happy :) And better schmetter! Just do what makes you happy :)

monstermaker said...

yeah..cats only creep me out at night..their eyes glow in the dark like monsters..

well..i would love to be your daughter!!even though i have my own mother who makes pretty clothes..i would love to have two's a dressmaker, another's a softie maker..isn't it sweet?[i'm 15 years old and i'm from the philippines]

i think i'm a real monster..=)