Friday, September 25, 2009

Benedict, man and Monster

Benedict was once just a man of the manor, but unspeakable things happen in dark English country manors that are miles from nowhere...

I love Benedict, it's his expression and stained face....and his sinister pale blue/green eye...

I have a fun Halloween header coming if the hub can find me a Gothic font... :D


TheNikiProject said...

He's awesome. I love his ginormous nose! lol

simply_hibiscus said...

ooo ooo go to

and i'm loving this one a lot!

and hey you never sent the link for stuffed ^_^

hope everythings going well



Niki, thank you :)

thanks a bunch :) Sorry I thought I did send it!! Here's the link:

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Oh my, he's gorgeous! I ran over to your shop in the hopes that he was still up for sale, but no. Alas, it serves me right for being behind on my blog reading!