Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine-y Ornies at Etsy

At Etsy!


~Barb~ said...

Oh JJ (I hope you don't mind if I shortened Junker Jane down to JJ since we are intimate friends now and all LOL)...these guys are so adorable! I love them mucho!
Great work.
Wish I already had my income tax...I'd be begging to snatch them all up. *sigh*
Peace & Love,
(who, btw, has read!!! YAY! lol)

oldblackcatboo said...

crap. I HAVE TO pay the quarterly water bill......sigh.

Jenny Stevning said...

Ha! That cracked me up with what OldBlackCatBoo said! I know the feeling.
They are so wonderful! Such sweet valentines they make!

folksmith said...

the "Valentine-y Ornies" are so cute i had to put them as my desktop. i hope that's okay?

Lana said...

More please...I didn't get one :+(