Friday, April 18, 2008

Portland Gray

Come on already! When is all this gray gonna finally wash away? This gray season seems pretty long!
These are two chairs on my porch. COLOR! The one with the face is a chair that someone ditched across the street. It had laquer that was so old it was flaking off, so I sanded it and painted it. I love to paint on furniture and wood. The other bright green chair I got from my mom's garage, it was brown, too but didn't stay that way for long! I still need to cover the seat fabric. I am thinking of sewing a crazy patchwork for it. Hmm, I dunno, I change with the wind. Hee.
Right now all I have in my ETSY is my sewing craft, but I am looking forward to adding some painted stuff. So I will be on the lookout for some lost wood. I don't know what it is about wood, but I prefer to paint on its texture rather than canvas.
Okay, on to another cuppa coffee!

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