Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's all about the light, man

Okay, well I dunno if the weather all over the country is bizarro, too, but this year we have had more rain and gray days. A week or so ago it got hot and summery and we all thought HEY! This is it, winter is over, YAY....but then the rain and clouds came back. I don't mind too much because I can get more work done when the weather isn't so grand, but it's the lighting, man... It makes it harder to take a decent photo. You should see me, hauling the little creatures around, throwing blinds around, pushing curtains back,uploading,cursing blurry pics, repeat! Repeat!!! I am a mini hurricane during this whole process. Maybe it's just me.

I made three new little creatures, but I am going to try to hope for some sun later and take the pics then. Here is a sneak peek of one in midnight's lightbulb light.

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