Friday, August 15, 2008

Nail Biting

Okay, first look at this wonderful, magnificent painted piece of furniture....wardrobe. Just beautiful and to die for!! I have an old 30's wardrobe that we retired to the basement because it didn't fit in our small new living room. I could do something like this to it. I could but.... but I am a truly truly kid at heart who has not forgotten the magic of fairytales, etc and so I imagine my 30's wardrobe (that's in the basement) like the one from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe... How can i paint an authentic piece of furniture???? This is always my dilemma! Sigh sigh sigh.....I want to funk it up, kinda like a Bloomsbury, but then....sigh. What to do?? I found these great pics through:


Lesley S said...

If you prepare the surface of your wood really well you can always strip and re-finish your wardrobe once your love-affair with its painted surface has waned. It just takes a little care to make sure that the veneer is not damaged and that the base coat doesn't seep into the wood grain. And remember most of these wardrobes were built as utility furniture so I am sure it would love to wear a Bloomsbury "coat" for a while (or forever!)


Lesley, thanks! You are right, I should go with the muse! :D