Thursday, August 21, 2008

Voodoo Marie

Voodoo Marie's faded elegance hints of her New Orleans past.

Marie is made from recycled fabrics and buttons. Marie's front fabric is from a handmade bolero jacket lining. Her back fabric is a taffeta type fabric that lined another handmade piece of clothing that I bought secondhand.
Marie's eyes are two recycled buttons from a large jar I purchased at an antique mall. She has one metal eye with faded paint and one pearly one.

I think that the Voodoo's are going to be my main Halloween contribution this season :D

I can make Voodoo's all the live long day. *Sigh*

Maybe if I can make a big batch at once I can take a Halloween display photo. Wouldn't a long line of Voodoo's look great along a mantle (which I don't have) or sideboard??

Viva Halloween!



jenclair said...

I've had a great time visiting! You have such a quirky, fun way of looking at things, and I love all of your little characters. And those button collages, of course!

Nichol Brinkman said...

Oh yes, a mantle full of voo-doo dolls would be good.


Thanks Jenclair! :D