Tuesday, November 11, 2008

skinnies and minis

I made smaller and taller monsters. I love the littlest red and pink stripey one. I want to keep her. But I may sell her as a pair with the taller pink red stripey.
It's a great windy day here.
Has anyone ever seen the movie The Dreamers? There was mention of movie watching for the interiors over at Alicia's Posie blog and I totally do the same thing. Rewatch movies for the interiors :D Most of the movies named are the ones I watch, but I don't think anyone mentioned The Dreamers. It's a risque movie, sometimes too shocking for me, but the Paris apartment featured is soooooooo amazing. It's tattered and dreamy. The kitchen......the wallpaper....the lighting. Well the whole darned thing. It's really a dream set.
My Etsy is slow. It's a downer. I'm looking into getting my little monsters into some real shops around Portland.

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