Monday, December 15, 2008


It's 27 degrees here. That's damned cold for me. When the wind blows the chill factor is 7 degrees. That hurts. This is the coldest I ever remember Oregon.

I've got some new ones to sew shut later. I thought I would get them up today but we went out and just got back.

Christmas is in ten days, huh?

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Ronnie said...

Dang, what is going on in Oregon? Weird here too, not cold.
Monster whereabouts update: Veronique pirate found her new home yesterday. She now lives with a very nice English lady who lives in Atlanta. Oddly enough this same woman won Monster Helen in our family Chinese auction. So, they'll have each other.
As soon as your creations came out of the bags, everybody was saying, What's that!!! and then, Where did you get those!?
This led me to think you should add the somewhere on your packages. Then the gifted folk will come scrambling back for more.
I'm keepin' Monster Emma! She's hanging onto the top of my computer for dear life with her legs and that's where she stays.