Monday, January 26, 2009

Who needs a reason for a skully doll?

Hey there!
I tell you there isn't enough time to do it all, be sane and have a clean house! Story of my life :D

I started this muerta last night. My daughter thinks I should call her The Flower Girl. But I'm thinking more along the lines of Carmina :D

I dunno where my energy went, I still feel like a slug.


cathy gaubert said...

no, no, never enough time. i swear, if i could have either extra time or extra $, i really think that i would choose the time. and one does not need a reason for a skully, most definitely. i cannot wait to see how she turns out...she looks pretty swell already! xxx


Wait wait Cathy....if you took the money you could get that maid I am sure you have always wanted! And get more time in the process! See I have already thought this through!! :D

Ronnie said...

I've had a house for probably as long as you are old and I FINALLY (this Spring) got smart enough to pay somebody to clean my bathrooms, dust and do the floors.
Once a month and I feel like a new person with MORE TIME!!
Your stuff gets better and better.
I could Easily have a room full of them! :)))


that sounds like the way to go! Who has time to clean when there are things to create???

Thanks for the compliment, too :)