Sunday, June 28, 2009

Meg and Peg

Little Meg lives with her papa and mama in a modest cottage by the sea. Sometimes she goes to the waterfront with her papa when he does his humble but respectable dealings. Sometimes she helps her mama with the wash in their little yard which overlooks the port. But little Meg knows she is destined to be one of THEM. The ones that sail in and out of the port. The ones her parents sheild her eyes from. The pirates...

A thief and a beggar, Peg wears the worn and weathered look of any respectable pirate.
I love Pirate Peg maybe the best and I know she isn't dressed as luxe as the others but that's exactly why. I don't think I ever mentioned it but I love peasants almost as much as pirates.


Sonia ;) said...

Absolutely adorable.

Sonia ;)

Micki said...

So cute!


THanks you two!