Friday, July 10, 2009


My hub found this shop on etsy last night while I was painting at the kitchen table. I bought a free poem. I didn't specify anything to the poet. I will love the Fate of it.

This is from Clayfigure's Etsy page:

These poems can be serious or humorous, insightful or cleverly pithy, romantic or mawkish; it really depends on your mood and request.

Original poem
Typed on a dying typewriter
200-300 words on average over the long run
3.67" x 8.5" paper

~personal birthday card/poem
~for some obscure holiday
~to celebrate
~for decoration
~you want a poem arbitrarily?
(~or maybe you just want to talk)

~my name and (broodingly pretentious) signature
~the date (any of them)
~(brevity optional)
postscript: my humour is dry like toast

It's all alchemy:
answer as few or as many (or make up your own):

What is this poem about?
What have you been thinking about lately (epigrams welcome)?
What has happened recently in your life (or even mine: conjecture recommended)?
Or if you like dada or word association (an omission of words) e.g. NFL, fluorescent lights, purple, the number pi.

Really just tell me anything

Click on title for link :)


Miki Karson said...

Your work is always a scrumptious treat but..This is a very cool post..more so because you are so sweet to share !! thanks!

ODD imagination said...

Oh the Intrigue! Now I must take it further and get myself a poem. I think I would like one with his dry as toast humor. he he

yoborobo said...

I'm all for dry toast humor. I think we should all support the arts and order up a poem. :)


Thanks guys! Go check him out!
Broke as I am I am going to try to start buying stuff from artists :D

Blood Milk said...

o i have to get one. such an idea!!!!